Dedication to education

Firearms training Brothers N Arms is dedicated to providing a quality educational experience to a wide variety of customer needs. Among our course offerings we include introductory classes for those new to firearms ownership, courses about home defense, classes for the more advanced shooter, and a non-firearms class about gun safety and responsibility for children 6-16.

July is a month full of educational experiences. Here is a rundown of our offerings this month:

  • July 12 is Introduction to Competition Shooting. This course is taught by an instructor who has experience with both revolvers and semi-automatic handguns in USPSA, IDPA, and Glock Shooting Sports Federation competitions.
  • July 15 we bring back our Kids’ Safety Class. This FREE class is designed to encourage children to make good decisions about firearms and how to deal with peer pressure whether they should they discover a gun in the yard, at school, in the possession of someone who shouldn’t have a firearm, and other situations.
  • July 17 is Utah Concealed Carry. If you want a concealed weapons permit that has reciprocity in numerous states, this is the class for you. Our contracted instructor will walk you through the processes and the paperwork for obtaining the permits you need if you want to travel in various states with your handgun.
  • July 19 is our most popular class, Women’s-only Handgun 101. This introductory class is geared for the new shooter and focuses on building confidence and proficiency with your own handgun.
  • July 23 we offer Junior Rifle Safety. This class is meant to introduce children ages 6-16 to using a .22 rifle safely. An adult must accompany the children for this course.
  • July 26 is the High Power and Suppressor Shoot. For one fee the student will be able to shoot a variety of rifles, some of which are equipped with suppressors. If you want to shoot a .50 BMG or a .338 Lapua or a suppressed AR-15, this is the class for you!