Oh, my! We are already through July?!?

Jenevieve gardeningWow! July was a HOT month. The heat brought on a lot of extra watering for our garden and we finally broke down and got a little blow-up pool for Jenevieve. She giggles with delight, especially when splashing Mommy. Her loving the outdoors made it a bit of a struggle with the warm weather, but we just made sure to go out first thing in the morning and late at night. Her bedtimes got later, too, but it gave us a bit more family time! It is so much fun watching her grow and interact with us as she is learning new words and exploring the world around her. Have you seen the video of her singing “Let It Go,” from the new Frozen movie? If not, swing on over to our Facebook page and take a look. It is adorable!!
Pete Amanda Lane

Pete and I went on a wonderful “date day” over to Snoqualmie Falls. The path down to the falls was beautiful, and the signs along the way introduced you to all of our Native plant species. I love stuff like that!! We then had plans to spend some time at the casino, but just as we were finishing dinner, I got a call from my sister that she was in labor. We rushed home, and my nephew, Lane, was born early the next morning. He is perfectly adorable, and it has been fun watching him grow and change over the last few weeks. His “birthday” was just the beginning for our family in July! Later on, we got to celebrate my nephew, Tyler, and my step-dad, Dave with a barbecue and get-together.

Summer brings some beautiful sunsets, and with all these fires, the sunset views from our home are breathtaking. It is amazing the beauty that can come from destruction. Thankfully, everything seems to be getting under control, snoqualmie fallsand hopefully, there are not to many other devastating fires for the rest of the summer.

Please have a happy and safe month!¬†We are looking forward to August…especially to celebrate Jenevieve’s 2nd birthday!