Brothers N Arms is dedicated to providing a quality educational experience to a wide variety of customer needs. Among our course offerings we include introductory classes for those new to firearms ownership, courses about home defense, classes for the more advanced shooter, and a non-firearms class about gun safety and responsibility for children 6-16.

August  is a month full of educational experiences. Here is a rundown of our offerings this month:

  • August 15th we bring back our Kids’ Safety Class. This FREE class is designed to encourage children to make good decisions about firearms and how to deal with peer pressure whether they should they discover a gun in the yard, at school, in the possession of someone who shouldn’t have a firearm, and other situations.
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  • August 24th Handgun 101 ($70)  If you are new to shooting or it has been a while since you shot, this is the class for you.  You will have an opportunity to try and stump professional shooters and instructors.  All these classes are held in a welcome open format that is guided by a preset outline but catered to  the students in each class.  Any question you have will be welcomed in a friendly learning environment based around your learning style.
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  • August 23nd Customer Appreciation Day— Every year we hold a special event just for you.  We know that we would not be here without you that is why we have a day just for you.  Come join us for a free lunch great deals and give always.  Beyond the free gifts we always have special offerings from outside venders.
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