Muzzle Brake Bet (find out how to get a discount)

Your rifle kicked too hard last year.  To eliminate that punishing kick most people quit shooting.  Don’t be one of “those guys”, get a brake!  Recoil happens when the hot gasses escape the muzzle pushing causing the rifle to rapidly push into your shoulder.  By re-directing the rapidly expanding gasses, you can dramatically  reduce the felt recoil. August is the time to get your muzzle brake installed.  In order for a brake to be properly installed your rifle has to be taken completely apart.  We take the stock and your scope off for sure.  Sometimes we even have to take the trigger and scope mounts off.  Like I said we take the entire gun apart to make sure you brake is properly installed.

NOTE from Scott:  I need your help!  There are only two of us that put brakes on in the shop.  I bet my boss that I could put more brakes on than him during the month of August.  If I can I will he has to buy my wife and I dinner.  But if he wins I have to do all his machine work for a month.  Help me out with my wife, I already promised her dinner.  Bring your guns into me, Scott, this month!  I will even give you 8% off if you request for me, Scott, by name, to do the work!