2018 Ultimate Breacher

2018 Ultimate Breaching shotgun

I set out to build a shotgun that would not only be able to breach a door but act as a patrol gun once you were through the door.  After all once the door is open who is standing there?  I need a shotgun that would never fail, never jam and never give up like its operator.  When that day comes and you have the rest of your life to make a life or death decision your equipment warranty will not help you.

I started this project with a Remington 870 Tactical pump shotgun.  It has been said that warrior train on AR style firearms so we should use that same platform for shotguns.  Everyone has their opinion and I disagree with this one.  For that reason, I chose the pump.  It has worked for years and in the hands of a trained warrior, it will prove just as effective if not more.

This project is not completed yet follow the progress at: The Ultimate Breacher project 2018