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We offer a wide variety of classes, from Child Safety to Conceal Carry workshops.

Complete 2015 Class Calendar
Complete 2015 Class Catalog

Beginner Courses:

Couples Only Handgun 101
Handgun 101
Hunter Education (WA State)
NRA Pistol Course
NRA Rifle Course
Junior Rifle Safety
Women’s Only Handgun 101
Zero Shots Fired – Child Safety Course

Intermediate Courses

Concealed Carry Considerations
Handgun 102
High Power & Suppressor Shoot
Home Defense & Your Handgun
Home Defense & Your Long Gun
Marksmanship 101
Utah Concealed Carry
Women’s Only Handgun 102

Advanced Courses

Introduction to Competition Shooting
Tactical Course
3 Gun Shooting Competition (coming soon)

If you have any questions about a class, please fill out the following class inquiry form: