High Power and Suppressor Shoot ($129.99)

Event Details

This event finished on 26 July 2014

Brothers N Arms is putting on a rare opportunity to fire just some of the firearms that we get to use on a daily basis.  If you have been in our shop or heard of it chances are that you have seen or heard about our custom firearms.  This class gives you a chance to shoot just some of these great firearms.  Seating is limited in this class.  You will get the opportunity to fire two rounds through a 50 BMG bolt action rifle made here at Brothers N Arms off the proven McMillan action, a chance to fire 20 rounds through a suppressed AR-15 both the suppressor and the firearm were made right here, a chance to fire 10 rounds through our new patrol model AR-15, ten rounds through our suppressed and modified Ruger 10/22 22LR and a another ten rounds through a Smith & Wesson M&P22 with a suppressor.  This workshop is going to include all the ammunition for only $129.99.  If you have not had enough fun when we are done we will have upgrade packages available upon request. 

Fifty Cut down

Custom 50 BMG 2 rounds

Suppressed AR – 15 10 rounds

Brothers N Arms Patrol Rifle 10 rounds

Suppressed Ruger 10/22 10 rounds

Suppressed M&P 22 10 rounds

 For a of 42 rounds. 

This will be a great class for all so long as we are safe.  We will meet at the Brothers N Arms classroom for a short safety brief and then head out to shoot.  There is no age limit on this event but we reserve the right to limit shooters based on their ability to safely shoot any of the firearms.  There will be no discounts or refunds once we leave for the range.

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