Lever Action Rifle Work

$499 Ultimate SASS Marlin package

Brothers N Arms offers the ultimate SASS Action Smooth N Tune. The package includes our proven trigger job, loading gate tuning, competition safety with one piece firing pin and XS Ghost ring sights. Our individual jobs were so popular that we put them all together in one package to save you money and time. You get all of this for $499 a savings of $193 and it includes all the parts needed.

$199 BNA Action Smooth N Tune

We start by working all the internal surfaces to reduce any friction. The bolt and its mating surfaces are refined and worked until they work as smooth as they are capable of. The friction surfaces of the hammer
is worked over so there is no felt friction while you are operating it. We will then reduce the pressure that it takes to cycle the action.

$99 BNA SASS Marlin Trigger job

Do not get your finger stuck behind your trigger again. We will take the slop right out of your stock trigger with our proven technique and reduce the trigger pull giving you that competitive edge in your next

$60 BNA Loading gate tuning

Your loading gate was designed for one reason, to keep the loaded rounds in the gun after you load them. That is sometimes easier said than done and causes your fingers to bleed. We are able to take the pain out of loading by reworking your loading gate in a safe manner that allows you to load your firearm with all the pain.


Safeties are designed to keep you safe while using your firearm however they can cost you a win in competition. Our competent gunsmiths have the skills to safely deactivate a number of these safeties giving you
the edge over your competitors. We take out the two piece firing pin and replace it with a properly fit one piece firing pin. The slide safety is then replaced with a screw safety that can only be deactivated with a screw driver and your trigger block is converted to be just that. All of this is done with one thing in mind; wining competitions by being just that much faster than your competitor.

$135 Ghost Ring Sights (includes sights)

Ghost ring sights have long been seen as the fastest sights on the market. They work by using the body’s natural point of aim. There is a large diameter ring at the rear of the firearms with a post on the muzzle. When your eye looks through the large ring it will naturally center and by default center the front sight post in the ring. At this point the rear sight will nearly disappear making the only responsibility of the shooter to place the tip of the front sight on the target and squeeze the trigger. Ghost ring sights by XS are our preferred sights for SASS.

Tang Sights

We can install these sights turning your tuned lever action firearm into a long range shooter. Installing these sights takes more than just removing a screw and drilling a new hole. If you do not drill and tape your tang correctly your sight will not be centered and you will not achieve the accuracy that you are looking for. Let the competent gunsmiths at Brothers N Arms install your long range Tang Sights the right way the first time.