Peter W Ross

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I​ am ​President​ and General Manager of Brothers N Arms LLC.  But first and foremost I am a husband and father to all my my children.  Behind every good company is a good family.   My duties as GM include overseeing and developing courses for the training program, developing and designing experimental firearms for the industry​ and building custom rifles​.  ​We​  are the only custom firearms manufacturer and firearms instructors in our area. As we have grown, we have hired more personnel that specialize in the different types of gunsmithing and instruction.  Currently I employee, Hi, my name is Pete Ross: I’m a Licensed Firearms Manufacturer, Gunsmith & Firearms instructor.  We employ 3 Gunsmiths, 1 certified appraiser, 4 Sales Staff,1 full time marketing consultant, 1 Cerakote applicator, 5 Pete Range TableFirearms instructors, 1 web development position (new position), 1 IT position and 1 BATFE Compliance position to run our 3000 square foot operation.  My Gunsmiths have a combined knowledge and expertise of more than 50 years, we are able to provide a better product to our customers whether it be through repairs or custom builds.  My instructors come from LE, Military, Hunting and the competition circuit.  This makes our training program the best in its class.  We have recently added an industry first by taking returns on newly purchased firearm.


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 List of license and degrees

  • 1996 – Graduated Kentridge High Shool
  • Jan. 3rd 1997 Graduated United States Marne Corps boot Camp
  • December 1999 Graduated from Green River Community College (AA)
    Peter Ross preparing the class for the high power and suppressor shoot at Brothers N Arms Ellensburg WA

    Peter Ross preparing the class for the high power and suppressor shoot at Brothers N Arms Ellensburg WA

  • December 2001 Graduated from Central Washington University (BA)
  • 2003 Graduated Washington State Police academy (Top Shooter)
  • 2007 Washington State Handgun instructor
  • 2007 Taser International instructor
  • 2008 Washington State Patrol Rifle instructor
  • 2008 Glock Armorers course
  • 2009 Basic Gunsmithing course
  • 2010 Colt AR Armorers course
  • 2010 Machining course Central Washington University
  • 2013 AK Armorers course
  • 2014 AGI Cowboy action course
  • 2015 NTOA Active shooter instructor

Shooting tips

 Pictures of some of my work

Custom Rifles

50 BMG

338 Lapua



EGA ARWe have a 4 access CNC engraver that I use to mark firearms with serial numbers and put custom art work on firearms fro customers



Production AR-15’sPete Ross Patrol Ready Rifle

Brothers N Arms Patrol Rifle AR-15Patrol ready from 2013 – This is just one of the many AR-15’s I have designed.  This particular AR was designed for home defense and any kind of defensive or offensive work.


hunterHunter series – I designed this AR for my wife so that she would have a full size hunting caliber rifle without all the recoil of a traditional hunting rifle.  I chose the 6.5 Grendel because it fit into the light weight small frame AR-15.  The powerful 6.5 Grendel has enough energy to safely take nearly any big game in the northwest.

Patrol Ready

Battle series – This rifle was born from the fires of the black smiths from ancient times when everyone carried a light weight sword.  It was a way of life,  and expected that everyone would have one no matter what else they carried.  This modern day Xiphos is no exception.  Everyone should have one in their collection as their “just in case” battle rifle.  When it has to be done right the first time, pick up your Xiphos and have the confidence that it will work, every time, no matter what it has previously been put through.