Rifle Gunsmith Pricing

Muzzle brakes installed with Holland or badger brake $280.00
Barrel threading (most rifles) $90.00
Other brakes (brake provided by customer timing included) $190.00
Muzzle brakes installed on pre-threaded barrel (timing included) $90.00
Glass bedding $125.00
Piller bedding $185.00
Recoil lug bedding $60.00
Rifle trigger installed (parts extra) $75.00
 Drill and tap for scope (per hole) $25.00 
Mount and bore sight scope $20.00
Mount and bore sight & lap mount $60.00
Mount scope & sight to your ammo $180.00
Pre-threaded barrel mounting (parts extra) $115.00
Barrel cambering and fitting (parts and tools extra) $250.00
 updated 11/2013

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